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Elite Lounge

Concept: Chic Blush
 A nail and hair studio that serves as the ultimate feminine retreat where chicness, elegance and glamour thrive. Its design is inspired from the abstraction of rich angular geometrical shapes with the core elements being the exposure of structure, material and colours implemented with a mixture of blush tones and rich metallic elements.
d-_vos_project-pink-confessions_phase-2-design-development_final-render_final-5 d-_vos_project-pink-confessions_phase-2-design-development_final-render_final-2d-_vos_project-pink-confessions_phase-2-design-development_final-render_final-4 Milkshake Bar Seating Area
final-6d-_vos_project-pink-confessions_phase-2-design-development_final-render_final-3 Nail Studio
6 Hair Salon 10 Ceiling Installation
Floor Plan